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air moves, ordered by importance

  1. jump. oro's double jumping very useful for zoning/baiting/fake crossups, makes oro safest character midair.
  2. mk - basic, essential crossup. Hits below/behind oro, best air to air after a super jump.
  3. diag j.hk - longest hitstun - follow w close mp. Best air to air on a normal jump
  4. neutral j.hk - best antiair defensive; often safe on parry. use while going up. longass hitstun, more damage and stun than diag hk. same stun as ground mk (a lot)
  5. hp - useless against oro, hits twice against tall opponents but usually only one parry. hitstun as good as hk but not as good stun, just use hk if possible. Acceptable air to air
  6. air grab - good for when you expect them to air parry. not very good outside that situation. best air grab in game. very slow startup. Acceptable air to air.


mostly you have unconfirmed mps: follow mostly with hk, neut jump hk, or walk forward mp
can super jump cancel (useful) or taunt cancel mp (useless)

confirmed mp (on punish etc):
antiair mp:
jump in: air chicken, cl.mp, chicken juggle, always end with mp charge uppercut

chicken combo

punishing stun:


fireballs (sun disk palm) - use mp against hugo in the corner a whole lot

command grab (human pillar driver) combos from c.mk and mk, also c.mp. use mk for high parry only/stun, use c.mk for low parry/low block only
charge uppercut (oniyama)
stomp (chickenscratch)
air chicken

basic game tactics:

MUST MUST MUST MUST be able to ex tengu on reaction to successful 2hit mp

Dash in under jump ins, cl.mp from behind.



midscreen sa3:
corner specific:


vs Q (sa3 preferred, no corner crossups on Q):
vs necro (sa2 preferred):
vs twelve (sa2 preferred):
vs hugo (sa2 preferred):
vs remy (sa3 preferred):
vs alex (sa2 preferred):
vs ibuki (no preference):
vs oro (no preference):
vs urien (sa3 preferred):
vs shotos (sa3 preferred, especially akuma, teleports out of sa2):
vs yun/yang (sa3 strongly preferred)
vs dudley (sa2 preferred):
vs makoto (no preference):
vs elena (no preference):
vs chun (sa3 preferred):


famous oros:

Refer to Jinrai's "Man of Gold" for visual aid. unblockable vs yun doesn't work, everything else is good.