Elite: Dangerous

Throughout the time I spent exploring the near-realistic approximation of the Milky Way that Elite: Dangerous offers, I really enjoyed every hour of it. Be it doing some trade runs, bounty hunting with friends, and simply being amazed at the beautiful scenery that the game offers, there’s always that one thing that keeps your experience worthwile. The game has its relaxing tone in the same way as when you’re playing Euro Truck Simulator, which makes it a perfect game to play if you just need some form of timeout.

If the critics were to say anything about this game, the amount of grinding in Elite: Dangerous makes the game less interesting, but I don’t think so. Sure, grinding credits for that one ship you want might become a chore of a task, but at least the satisfaction one can get from, say, finishing high-paying missions, completing dangerous smuggling runs, or even handing in bounty tickets, is still there.

Elite: Dangerous is one of the most enjoyable games that I’ve played in years, and I’m sure that this game will keep me content for quite a while.