Night in the Woods

There’s not much games that I could personally relate to nowadays. That is, until Night in the Woods came along. Somehow I could relate to the main protagonist, Mae, in an almost emotional level.

There was this part of the game (no spoilers, though) that kinda reminded me of my first time I lost someone who mattered to me, and never really fully recovered from it even years into the future. Fortunately for me I didn’t eventually enter a disassociative state like Mae did, but after those events I’m just scared of losing another one and my anxiety ramped up to 4th gear. This game amplifies my feelings of that and reminds me the bad habits from back then that I still need to quench.

Aside from the rich storyline, the game has some beautiful artsyle and soundtrack. I really recommend playing this game blind. I’m not even gonna spoil you even when you ask for it. Just do it.