01 june 2017

My phone died earlier this Monday.

Nexus 5X phones are known for its Curse of the Bootloop, which seems to happen whenever you're running, or just upgraded to, Android Nougat. I tried all possible recovery methods but no dice. It went to the bootloader, but can't restart. A few attempts later, I couldn't even get it to boot anymore.

So I was phoneless for about 3 days. I do have a backup phone, my old Nexus 4, and my mom gave me her backup phone with her number as well. Unfortunately, my Nexus 4 can't stay off the charger for more than a couple minutes, since its battery is pretty much toast.

But even more than that, there are a lot of things that I missed from my beloved Nexus 5X. I miss fingerprint locking. I miss fast charging. I miss being able to get the latest stock Android. It was the best phone that I've ever had, before the Curse of the Bootloop occured. Unfortunately, with Google killing off the Nexus line, and the Pixel remains a tad bit overpriced, it's time to let the Nexus go.

That said, I've placed an order on the OnePlus 3T. It should be delivered to my office tomorrow.


07 may 2017

Do you know how when you've been worrying too much about a really close friend that you've formed an emotional connection with, that it just kills you from the inside? It's kind of that bittersweet feeling which reminds you why you love your closest friends so much and really care about them, but at the same time you keep worrying that you've never been a "good" friend to them.

Thing is, I still have people IRL that I'm friends with, and I appreciate them for being around, but they're not really the same, y'know. For some reason I just have a closer emotional attachment to my online friends rather than those in real life.

I've also went through experiences of losing friends mostly because of my own fault, so I always doubt my social skills. Hell, I almost always doubt that I've even done the right things to my friends. I fear that I overworry, being manipulative, pushy, etc. After all, those were the things that made me lose my past friends in the first place.

I just can't afford to lose another one. I need people around my life, but at the same time, I don't know how to properly deal with people.


24 april 2017

announcing the beta launch of tildetv!


tildetv is an alternative way to enjoy visual media on the internet. it's a playlist of YouTube videos discovered and curated by tilde.town members from a variety of different categories across the site, and are available here for everyone's viewing pleasure.


  • simple, intuitive web viewer (with tags & content warnings)
  • add videos to the playlist using a simple command line
  • JSON datadump, for ~town members who want to develop their own, in-console viewer
  • videos are reset every week, so you're bound to see something fresh!

adding videos to tildetv

to add videos to tildetv you can use the command-line tool provided by ~karlen.

$ ~karlen/tv/addtotv -h

Usage: addtotv [options] arg

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -l LINK, --link=LINK  URL to youtube video quoted -l
  -t TAGS, --tags=TAGS  Tags, comma separated and quoted, e.g. -t "Train, Ice,
  -c CW, --contentwarning=CW
                        Content warning, comma separatedand quoted, e.g -c
                        "Doggo, pupper, Joyce"
  -d DESC, --desc=DESC  Description of the video, quoted "A real angerery
                        pupper writing about pubs"


22 march 2017


I think I've felt this kind of "existential crisis" every time I transitioned from, say, high school to uni, but I've never felt it this strong.

When I was closing my eyes trying to sleep after my first day at work, I tried to reflect on my first day. Then everything kind of derailed and I started thinking about how after this I'll grow old, then my parents will die, then my friends will die, then ultimately I will die.

Not that I'm crying over it, but fuck.

Oh well, I guess when I'm fully settled in this new job in a couple weeks, it'll probably be gone.


19 march 2017

Life update, sort of:

  • Been doing generally fine. I had my downs, but things are looking upwards from here.
  • Passed university thesis exams. I will graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems.
  • Got a job as a Junior Web Developer for a local subsidiary of a multinational company. A field that I've been wanting to get a job for all my life.

Thank you all the townies for your support! Without you guys I wouldn't be here. Right now I'm slowly getting back to online life after being robbed of it during my last year of uni.

Here's to the future, and all the possibilities that lie within.

Coldplay - Up&Up

bo en - everythin gon be alright


11 march 2017

I'm feeling generally better now, fortunately. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions last week, but fortunately things are starting to look up.

On another note, my tilde page is finally filled with some content! You can check out my new photography stuff here, as well as the songs I've been listening to here. I might need to find more games that I need to put in my Timeless Games list, however I'll be having my university thesis exam in a few days, so I'll have to put that off for a few days.

Air - Le Soleil Est Près de Moi

João Gilberto - Aguarela do Brasil

Tame Impala - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards


09 march 2017

"Web developers are stupid and needs to be beaten"

Yeah, fuck you too. That doesn't help anyone at all, especially when I've been working my ass off all week trying to do stupid web work, and with me preparing myself for my first ever full-time job as a front-end developer.

That really helps, thanks a lot.


08 march 2017

Whew, that took a while!

My new ttbp page finally looks as shiny as my tilde page. This means that /post is sadly going away. I feel that cross-posting my blog posts from my website to my tilde page feels really redundant, so I decided against that, and simply announce any new blog posts I made on ttbp, complete with a link to the post on my main website.

Unfortunately, all posts migrated from my blog doesn't seem to regenerate properly, might need to get some help from ~endorphant for that. Also, huge thanks to ~mio for their ideas on theming ttbp!

Update: Everything seems to work now. All old posts are now published!


03 march 2017

So. Finally caved in and decided to dive into TTBP.

I mean my blog https://tilde.town/~resir014/post/ isn't going away. It's just that I want to jump in and probably get some new experience out of this thing.

Also, if this thing is themeable, I would definitely publish these posts on my page.


26 february 2017

The systemd law

oh dear god no another systemd rant

Read the full post here.


25 february 2017

An Ode to The Daily Struggles of My Life



13 february 2017

The Social Media Fatigue

This post has been hard to write. The initial version of this post was put together last year, within the course of three months until I stopped working on it. I have never been able to pour all of these mundane thoughts and experiences into paper. However, a few weeks ago I removed almost everything and basically started from scratch. I feel like recent events made me find the courage to finish this post once and for all.

Read the full post here.


16 october 2016

Timeless Games

The day I started transitioning into a full-time PC gamer was the day I started exploring all kinds of games that I could ever get my hands on, from any genre and background. Sure, I played more on consoles/handhelds than on PCs back in the day, but PC gaming was never out of the question.

Among all of the games that I own, very few have I realised the importance of these games and how important they were in shaping up who I am today. They provide this weird, emotional attachment which made my experience on these games worthwile. These games are worthy of mentioning just for that sole reason.

And that's the reason I set up Timeless Games. It is a curated list of all the games that I've spent the most time on, had the most enjoyment in, and which experience I'll remember fondly for many years to come. Most of the games featured will be PC games, but I'll try to include some console games as well.

To browse the collection, click here.


15 october 2016

Maybe we're just not ready for open-world space exploration games

No Man's Sky, Elite: Dangerous, and Star Citizen were meant to represent the best that space exploration games could offer. However, the current outcome looks worryingly underwhelming.

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