hi I'm robin

I am usually working at work or working on my avaiation themed Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas MP server: basdon.net (though in reality I'm mostly wasting time and being unproductive)

I'll have some content here at some point, in the meantime there is more info about me and stuff that I do on my webpage: robin.basdon.net

there also some more updated (hopefully) information if you finger me finger robin@tilde.town

If you're a townie, come write in my guestbook: /home/robin/guestbook.txt

I also found this cool thing on StackOverflow: you can finger bruges@graph.no (and replace bruges with your location) and get a nice weather prediction graph :)

And dzwdz mentioned a finger ring at finger ring@thebackupbox.net, cool!

Cool things that I found around the town

Stuff that I made around the town