facts of the universe

what you don't know can't hurt you. this is good, because we don't know anything. the Conspiracy works from the shadows, unaware of the fact that it can't do anything to us until it is known, and because it is unaware of this it accomplishes things anyway. teach the Conspiracy of its powerlessness but do not come to know it or its power will return.

wake up. wake up. the sky is falling and you are missing it. this is interesting. wake up.

the fix is in

the gecko eats its own tail which it abandoned to escape the danger of itself. it glistens, dripping in the hair conditioner and honey that run through the rivers of the promised land.

this line is invisible. stop reading it.

the Conspiracy tells you to drink water and you drink water. the Conspiracy tells you to eat food and you eat food. these things are good to do. keep doing them.

remember. forget. these things are more questionable. keep doing them too.

fact: orial

when you go to the store the stork is stalling, falling and flickering in a nosedive spiral toward the truth. the truth bursts like a flashbulb and the shards of glass shriek through the night. you grab a box of incandescent truth off the shelf. the cashier gives you a disapproving look. you stare into their pothole eyes until you can see the drowned lights inside. you smile. they slip the box into a bag. no words are spoken. words don't exist.

later, you thread the truth into the socket and flick the switch. finally.

the truth

the saint says 'i am a baby in my universe. i'll live forever.'

does the time go anywhere at all?

kathump bathump beats the heart to start the steel breeze you breathe into your heartless stone child born from dust and destined for stardom. pardon. the icy breath boiling that soil into diamond-crust material for bribes and brides and bedbound brigands caught behind. you find the meaning.

your mind is an ocean

your thoughts are drops of water. there are a lot of them. it is hard to change them all.

it's okay to piss in the ocean. don't worry about it.

do you believe that?

one day an initiate approached the master. "master," said the initiate, "what is illumination?" the master said nothing. the initiate was enlightened.

one day a master approached the initiate. "steve," said the master, "what are you doing with that stick?" "golfing," said the initiate. the master had never heard of golf before. the master decided that she did not like golf. "steve," said the master, "it is unbecoming of the illuminated to play such violent sports as this. boxing is much more noble."