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the first post

Hello! Welcome! If you're seeing this, it means my code isn't so terrible after all! I've been doing work on-and-off for the past month+ to get this done, so this is kind of exciting.

I've been meaning to start putting my thoughts on (digital) paper for a while now, as it's been something I desperately need: being more in contact with myself and not just throwing everything under the rug, be it super serious, feelsy stuff, or otherwise. But, since I need to make everything a pain in the ass for myself, I wanted to code a framework that helped me write plaintext entries and turn them all alchemy-like into... well, this page. And now that that's done, I have no more excuses.

This is something entirely foreign to me. I've always been deathly afraid of taking a deep breath and just expressing my thoughts and feelings as-is, without overthinking every single word. So, hopefully this will be a good avenue to stick to doing that. I dunno. It won't be the first thing I give up on less than halfway through if I don't, that's for sure. zzz

Oh, also visually the page is super duper early. I've barely changed X's css yet, but this will do for now. It's nice, anyway. Plus javascript has annoyed me to the point where I can't stand messing with more webdev stuff for a couple days.

Anyway, I think this serves its purpose as an intro (and test!). Hopefully this is just the first, not also the last post I make. Later!

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