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gameboy camera photography

hi! here are some photos I took with the gameboy camera, I hope you like them!


some photos from the countryside! cottages and trees and field trails and a pond, but that one didn't come out looking very well so I probably left it out

and bonus, our family dog, Amy!


forest visit! you can see a small chapel and some mushrooms!


special! a few weeks ago i ordered some game boy cameras from japan. they actually came preloaded with photos! here are some from the green cart. out of respect, I'm not posting any people, but enjoy the cats and dogs


I took a few photos of the eight-bit computer meetup in Prague, ByteFest.


I took some photos of my day! You can see the metro, my university, and the Czech Python meetup, Pyvo. Enjoy!


Another special! I bought some extra Game Boy Cameras to give away as Christmas gifts. One of them had not cats, not dogs, but ferrets on it! FERRETS! LOOKATTHEMTHEY'RESOCUTE

Yes, I broke my "humans redacted" rule to post the hamster :P

Also, I am now using gbcamextract for dumping photos, which is much more convenient than the old method, and also preserves the unique, manually set borders! Awesome!