Severák studio - my VST plugins

There is a cool thing called virtual studio technology which actually delivers what it promises to you - a virtual recording studio equiped with virtual synths and effects. This is actually very cool, because synths and audio gear are actually very expensive and with VSTs you can save you a lot of money and space.

I actually started to create my own VST plugins. On this page I would like to introduce them.

analog nomad

Analog nomad screenshot

It’s inspired by Roland Junos, Korg MS-20, Lokomotiv (VST by Archetype instruments) and my own Traveller. It’s designed to be both simple to understand and flexible to use.

Controls are:


Traveller screenshot

Traveller is a monophonic synth inspired by Korg Synthe-Bass and its overall simplicity.

It features:

The twist (in monophony) is that while you cannot hold two or more notes, you can hear previous note release while next one kicks in. This is actually implementation defect, but I left it as is because it adds character to the synth.

There are no presets as I believe limitations stimulates creativity but there is demo video to inspire you.

Good to know:


4track screenshot

multitrack recorder inspired by TASCAM Portastudio. Analog workflow, not sound.


rebeat screenshot

an guitar-pedal-like looper

(before major rewrite)


rychta screenshot

drum sequencer

(before major rewrite)


WaggonBAU screenshot

drum sampler

(before major rewrite)

my music

(some of these are actually made with my plugins)

clippy: It looks like you are applying a LOT of reverb on this snare drum. Are you aware it isn't 1982?