Hi. I'm nobody. I'm planning on being intentionally vague about my real identity, for reasons; sorry about that; I hope we can still be friends.

I am writing this text to avoid an assignment before I even know if I'll get a tilde.town account. I won't say this is under construction because most sites that say that never get constructed. I have a dozen of those sites strewn in my wake.

Some things I will say about myself: I like computers. I attend university somewhere vaguely on the east side of the United States. Silver isn't actually my favorite color, but it's fine. Some cool things: ag (the silver searcher), Nate Silver et al, and SilverCyanide's Neopets guides. Here's some Python just for you.

r = range(-64,65)
for y in r:
    print(''.join(' #'[int((x**2+y**2)**.6)%2] for x in r))

Wow y'all are active.

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