author: slimelia   date: 2018-01-11

It's been nearly a year since my last blog post. Oops.

Life has been rather hectic for me. Final year of university, being more open about my gender, new friends and new experiences (not all of which have been good).

I'd like to say I've not written a blog post because I haven't had the time, but quite frankly that isn't true; I haven't had the words. I feel my posts here need to be significant, impactful, emotional or 'big' in some way. The average humdrum of my life isn't exciting enough to document. I've considered logging dreams, or writing about hopes and goals, or keeping a diary. None of this felt worth my time. I've mentally built this blog up to be something far more significant than it actually is and now the words elude me.

Happy 2018, by the way! Maybe if we're lucky I'll manage more than one post this year! I'd like to share my New Year's Resolutions but quite frankly I don't have any. Maybe I'll just say "drink more water" or "try to get the ball rolling on things I've put off" and be done with it. That counts, right?

This year is going to be significant in some way or another as I'll finally be out of education and out in the real world. Here's hoping that all works out alright - maybe I'll actually post a life update on here when there's an actual significant change in my life!

'til next year, perhaps