out in the open

author: slimelia   date: 2018-07-21

so today i came out as transgender to my parents. it wasn't something i planned, but something i knew might happen.

i don't quite know how to feel yet. it feels weird that i've finally.. done this? after so, so long of avoiding it, i deluded myself into thinking this day would never come. i thought i'd feel more relieved than i do, but at the moment i feel very odd; it's as though i feel like i'm sleepwalking.

i am glad to have got this off my chest. things feel different now, and i don't know what lies ahead of me. hopefully now i can work on healing myself and improving my mental health instead of digging deeper and deeper.

this is a significant moment that hasn't quite sunk in yet. i'm sure i'll look back on this day, this post, and think of it as a fond and distant memory.

stay safe & stay strong xoxo