Christianity as an Agnostic

They say you that you have a god-shaped hole in your heart, and that you can't fill it yourself, with worldly things. That's just not true, though. You do have a "god-shaped" hole in your heart, it's a hole that needs connection; it needs someone to see it, to look at it, to experience what you're going through with you, and to absolutely love you. The lie is saying you can't do it yourself. You are a spiritual being, you are full of love, even if it's buried. Only you can literally be there with yourself, experience what you're experiencing with you, and support yourself through it. Being mindful with yourself, staying present and observing all of the feelings and thoughts you are dealing with, coming to understand the depth of your pain but choosing to be there with yourself, being a witness to your own suffering and developing compassion for yourself, that is the true essence of loving yourself. Love. Love yourself. We are all hurt beings, with wounds, with spike traps guarding particularly traumatized areas, keeping us from getting near, restricting access to ourselves. It's okay, they are all coping mechanisms. Take the time to grieve for yourself. Give yourself a hug. You need it. I love you. And I love you, me. I will always be there for you. <3