welcome to my ~~~~~~~~ homepage

you should ssh in and edit index.html

I'm going to leave that there. Why? A reminder that I am actually editing a web page by hand on a shell. This is too cool. I've recently started messing with hand coding pages (as of 2/25/17 that is) I like finding interesting corners of the internet, especially when they're familiar. I'm used to the command line, plain text, dialing into a BBS. As far as Unix and Linux systems go, after years of on and off use, I'd say I am still a noob, mainly because I have mostly used Windows. Although, I do remember having a webpage with a ~, I do not remember the URL though, but it was a small Florida ISP with Dial-Up access. I don't know if I had a web page there or not though, maybe I did, who knows. I taught myself HTML like most things on the computer, by looking at HTML code, and breaking it. At one point I had mashed together several generated links pages and had a custom logo that someone made for me. At some point I uploaded that FortuneCity, maybe that is in the internet archive. I'll have to look.

I like accessing these tilde systems, and logging into telnet BBSes. I visit chatrooms a lot. and read message boards like the old days, before the internet, or the early days of the internet. Sometimes I read Usenet too.

If you want to find BBSes that are still online check these links

Telnet BBS Guide
BBS Nexus
BBS Guide
Synchronet BBS List

I have a BBS myself, called Satellite of Madness

Ocasionally I log in to MUDs or Talkers (or some other similar thing)
Here are some sites that list them

Grim's List Server
The Mud Connector

Here's a few free usenet servers

Eternal September
Aioe.org public news server
dotsrc.org USENET

Here's other places you can find me

GiantFromJax.com - gaming and streaming
ki4lhu.net - projects and stuff
TheGiant on SDF
TheGiant on ctrl-c.club
TheGiant on Neocities

Why am I all over the web? It's about the communities mostly, the web space is just part of the deal, so I use it.


TheGiant on SDF Mastodon
TheGiant on Twitter