18 february 2018

Stomach aches

I did two things this weekend that I shouldn't have. First, I cheated on my diet. Second, I let something linger from work which has kept me stressed out for days rather than addressing it right away. I know better and shouldn't have done either. Amazingly, the result from both has been the same...

stomach aches.

I will do better tomorrow.


20 january 2018


Last night I started working on a shell program to help me manage my gopher hole. I had a few scripts I was using already to do certain tasks, like phlog or add recipes, and I wanted to consolodate everything and make it a legit program. Thankfully mlaine@sdf has been working on a little project of his own called edmail, which is basically a shell scripted mail client. I checked out his style on that project and learned a lot.

So then I got a little too motivated and worked on that until it was almost sunrise. Oops! I did some playing today as well and it's nearing ready for initial 1.0 release.


I also made a connection with Yin Feng on gopher over the shakuhachi, a Japanese bamboo flute that we both play. It got me excited as well and I went down a rabbit hole getting Japanese sheet music to work in gopher. I've reached peak nerd.


I also just hit the 2 week mark back on diet. I'm a long-time keto dieter but I had a bad slip this past year. I'm back in full swing now and feeling so great. Gotta keep it up.


I had a mini-panic for the last few days because feels was broken. vilmibm fixed it, thankfully. It's the thing I use most here.


That brings me to IRC. My main IRC home is over on sdf.org presently. I run Weechat on the meta array over there in a tmux session so I can easily connect to it from anywhere. The problem is, they're running Weechat 0.4.1 (yikes!). I've tried requesting an upgrade but it doesn't look like it's gotten any attention.

So I switched over to Tilde thinking I could just run this place as my home for IRC. After all, that would allow me to connect locally to the IRC server here, which I can't do from SDF. Total win! Oh, and they're running a pretty recent version of Weechat too! Double-win. Except...

Weechat here is missing some plugins (namely perl) and more importantly, doesn't have support for SSL connections (requires gnutls). I went down a rabbit hole trying to compile it myself, but I ended up in a never-ending chain of dependencies.

I hope vilmibm can fix up this Weechat. This would make the best place to be home. Until then, I've got multiple IRC systems running on multiple servers. Meh.


17 january 2018


I've been struggling with a clear definition of what I want to write here on feels vs what I write on my phlog, or my blog, or my labs blog, or even twtxt. I have a lot of different places I drop ideas and it's really easy for one to get ignored or the lines to blur. I think I've got an idea, though. Since feels is set up for one entry per day, I want to connect it to what's happening right now in time. Rather than a blog, it's a motd, if you will.

Today is a pretty average one. I woke up, got the kid off to school, went into work, had my morning coffee, and dove into emails. I'm working on a project with another company for a shared client and I received a handoff late last night from them. I'll be reviewing their changes, the designs provided, and discuss timing with them in a little bit. Then I'll get started making front-end updates to this app. Nothing major.

I have a bunch of side projects I'm working on, and if I finish this work quick enough I have enough client-billable hours to jump onto one of those things. Here's the top of the list:

We'll see which of these strikes my fancy when I free up from the regular stuff. In the meantime...


13 january 2018


Why is it growing in my ears? That's horrible.


07 january 2018

Feels Formatting

I'm trying to get my feels content to store in gopher in my git repo. To do that I started by reversing the symlink so that the content was really in /public_gopher/feels and the stuff in .ttbp was the symlink to it. I screwed that up at first because the text is really in .ttbp/entries. Soooo, I symlinked that one too. Now the only problem is my gophermap is in both since they're really the same location.

The real test is publishing. I want to make use of the feels engine to write and read things on tilde.town, so now I have to check if this works and doesn't explode. After-all, at some point it's not just going to write the text file, it's going to try to create a symlink to a file on top of that very file. That will error and do nothing, but I can't be sure how feels will handle it. This post is going to test that.

Finally, I need to check that the browseable feels directory updates properly and others can still read my thingies. Crossing fingers!!


04 january 2018

Feels & feels

The feels app got a little update recently. I tried it out using the script before it rolled out and things looked pretty neat. Today it looks like the roll-out happened for real, though I can't be sure. Rainbow-text doesn't seem to be working like it was when I tested things before. Regardless, this is a pretty nifty phlogging engine.

Feels makes me thing about feeling, the sensory experience. The other day I was putting on my lopapeysa (go look it up if unfamiliar) and I smiled at the comforting, familiar sense of scratchy wool against my skin. I realized that despite the reputation of wool being uncomfortable because of its itchiness that I enjoyed the sensation. In fact, I felt more comfortable because of the itch! My brain immediately linked it to my enjoyment of extremely dark chocolate (95% is my fav), and how I have to let the chocolate melt over my tongue and can't chew it to really "get it".

Do you have anything like that in your life? Is there something that seems by its very existence to be uncomfortable or unenjoyable while actually giving you the opposite experience? Salted licorice? Pickled herring?


02 january 2018


Back at work for the first day in 2018. I'm not sure if I feel rested or restored from the holiday, but there's a sense of newness. Primitive brain looking for patterns in sociological behavior? I'll take it.


29 december 2017


I blogged on my labs blog about my terminal setup and included an asciinema video that demos things a bit. Tilde.town makes an appearance at the end. Check it out:



28 december 2017

Star Wars

I watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi, or as my co-worker named it, Star Wars: Missed Opportunities. I had some thoughts. I thought about sharing them in a phlog, or maybe even a blog post. Instead I thought the list was more of a working document. I added it on my gopher hole in the writing section:


There are SPOILERS, obviously. I know I have more to say, but that's what I came up with on a first pass. It's not really organized yet, but I can add that in as I add more.

I am a big fan of FanEdits and I use 3 prequel FanEdits as my canon (Cloak of Deception and its successors). I would welcome more of that. Let's make the best damned versions of things we can and enjoy the heck out of all of them, right?


26 december 2017

Toki Pona

My wife bought me the Toki Pona book for Christmas. It's a sweet little constructed language (conlang) like Esperanto, but with a different philosophy. The author, Sonja Lang, wanted a language that would help her simplify her thinking. To that end, Toki Pona has only 120 words in the whole language! A word like 'kili' can refer to all fruits and vegetables.

It's really cute and a lot of fun. I know it's not very practical, but it can be learned so quickly that the novelty is worth it. There's a #tokipona channel on Freenode where I lurk, practicing my reading. Eventually I'll have this silly little pidgin that I can use with a few hundred other nerds.

Want to join me? There's free resources on tokipona.net


22 december 2017


I finally spent the five minutes necessary to configure neovim on my mint box. It was really easy and it's so freaking fast. Nice work community internet peoples. You did good this time.


20 december 2017

First Feels

I'm just getting set up on tilde.town, but the tools they've got in this little joint are pretty sweet. bbj is a fantastic bulletin board and things like feels make a big difference.

I'm starting with a few humble things:

I added a link to the feels output in my gopherhole and now it's accessible whether you find me on sdf or over here on tilde.town. I need to investigate how to properly make these things mirror. There's an item type for it in gopher, but I've never used it. Anyone have experience with that?

I'm going to get this to generate on my webpage on tilde.town as well! It's taking a little help, but we'll get there. Some symlink magic and...