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who am i?

I'm a writer, photographer, tech professional, and musician from Portland. I'm a recent transplant here, after loving it from afar for years. Prior to living here, I hailed from north central Texas.

For over a decade, I wrote about architecture, transit, urban design, city planning, walkability, local arts & music, and bicycling in and around Fort Worth. Since moving to PDX, I've been planning to dive back into that world sooner or later.

Photography-wise, I do a lot of digital stuff with my Olympus OM-D and my Ricoh GR2 (not to mention my iPhone), and film work with my Zero Image pinhole, old Pentax MX SLR and Yashica Electro rangefinder, and a Holga.. Links to my stuff on Instagram and Flickr can be found below. Here, I'm trying something different, with a focus on what I call Bitpics - images in 1-bit black & white a la vintage Mac OS graphics.

In music, I'm particularly into jangly indie pop. I am the keyboard player, co-founder, and co-songwriter for an indie pop band called The Crystal Furs, which I started back in Texas and which continues onward as a primarily Internet-based project between my wife and I in PDX and our drummer/audio engineer Tanner back in Texas. Here's our Bandcamp site.

In tech, I spent ten years working at a university back in Fort Worth as the Mac specialist, and now I do IT work for a footwear company in PDX.

what's "tomorrowville?"

It's an online name I've used for ages. I think I liked how it sounded vaguely like an off-brand Tomorrowland.

what are some other things you enjoy, besides the above and whatever this is?

I like to read - in particular, science fiction. And, well, I'm a sci-fi fan in other forms of media, too.

I enjoy traveling, but not flying. I like to go to interesting, walkable cities and explore. I enjoy train travel, which is...an issue he re in the United States. I'm also happy to take long road trips.

I also play some games (but I'm not really a "gamer" in the sense it's usually used, because I don't like a lot of the...connotations that go with being a "gamer" in 2018). My biggest love is BioWare's Mass Effect sci-fi RPG series, and I also love a lot of narrative indie games (two of my absolute favorites being Gone Home and Night in the Woods). Lately, I was playing a lot of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey before being let down by an extremely poor narrative choice made by Ubisoft in a DLC pack. Now I've been putting a lot of time into things on my Switch, especially Breath of the Wild, Gris, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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