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16 september 2021

I'm just about recovered from the beginning of the week - I was utterly exhausted Monday and Tuesday and spent Wednesday in a kind of hazy fugue state, followed by a headache. Today, the headache seems to be tapering off, and I feel more lively again. It's been a rough one, folks.

Otherwise, I'm hanging in there. I'm making progress in Life is Strange: True Colors, and to my surprise I think this might be the best Life is Strange game? Like, ever? It's beautiful, emotional, and feels so natural and warm compared to the, shall we say, writing eccentricities of the original. And there's no messing about in terms of queerness int his one, either - I got to explicitly state my Alex's preference for girls while she was playing a foosball game with her crush. It's a delight.

15 september 2021

I'm just so tired. I spent the first two days of the week mostly at the office instead of working from home, and I'm tired. I am learning what outfits are best for all-day wear, and that the masks I've been using for jaunts to restaurants and such are not great for all-day wear, and I just wanna stay here with my partner and my kitties but the company is just barrelling toward October 1st for a "return to the office" thing and it's just so, so needless.

And because I'm in IT I'll have to deal with all the stuff that goes along with it from a tech perspective. I just wanna exist and not deal with this.

I have been managing to look extremely cute this week in spite of all this, but I wish it was in a different context.

I wanna just wear my nice cute comfy dresses to work every day if it's gonna be this whole thing, but if I'm asked to crawl around on the floor plugging in cables, I probably shouldn't. :-/

13 september 2021

Feels a bit like the beginning of something, or the end of something, or the weird in-between of two somethings. We're barrelling toward a "soft opening" at my workplace for the return-to-the-office thing, and we're all going to be expected to be there 40-60% of our time each week. I'm not particularly excited. I've spent the last year-and-a-half with my partner and our cats every day and it's going to be hard to give that up. Plus, with delta, I'm more nervous than I used to be, though I'm vaccinated at least. I don't have a problem with wearing a mask but all else being equal I'd rather be at home, where my computer equipment is better than the office, and I don't have to mask up. Plus, we're shorthanded due to a departure, and being asked to do more work than we used to...blergh.

I'm sure it'll work itself out, but right now, I feel uneasy and stressed.

Had a good weekend though. We recorded a new Crystal Furs song for our next album, and it is turning out fantastically. It sounds tremendous and punchy and we've already kinda collectively decided that it's going to be the opening track of our next album, when that comes out in a year or so. (Vinyl production delays are ridiculous, but we're gonna do a string of digital EPs and singles between now and the album, so it's not so bad.)

Now I'm keeping an eye on Monday morning fires at work, finishing my coffee, and about to hop in the shower to go to the office. I suppose I had better get used to saying that again.

10 september 2021

Well, lookie here! I actually did it!

A couple of days of having a bee in my bonnet resulted in this site being totally remade, given a fresh coat of paint, and even this here blog engine getting spiffed up! Yay!

So, incredibly, this is a thing now. I'm not what that thing is just yet, to be clear, but I feel good! I've got this weird little vaporwave-colored home for myself, like nothing I've had in years, and it feels good.

I still need to sort out what I'm doing here, but the bones are good at last. I think I'm going to make a "writing" page, where I can start putting longer-form things about games, music, photography, etc. together. Things longer and more focused than this blog.

It feels good to be here again!

09 september 2021

Hi - it's been ages and ages since I've been here. By here, I mean tilde.town itself, let alone doing anything productive with this site. But I really want to change that - I've felt so disengaged lately, with the state of the world, and missing when I used to make things on the regular.

We'll see if I actually get back into it, but I wanna try, and this seems like a place to try.