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05/21/2022 - More work on the music room. Had to remove an electrical outlet for the new window, so I need to go grab some extension cords & other stuff for the setup.

05/20/2022 - Last night we got the drum kit set back up, I unboxed the drum shield, and started organizing the band room. Today new mixer showed up and I got things mic'd.

05/19/2022 - Went to the kiddo's band concert. She played great and the whole 7th grade band sounded much better than they did last time we saw time.

05/18/2022 - More meetings. Blech. But I got the 64k installed in the TRS-80 Color Computer 2. It seems to work, though only 32k is 'visible' when the BASIC ROM is loaded.

05/17/2022 - Even more meetings today, for a variety of different people and institutions. I guess at least this time they were mostly about software development..!

05/16/2022 - 6 hours of meeting doing demos and talking about marketing. ugh. 64k (!) showed up for the CoCo2 that I've been cleaning/restoring/upgrading. w00t and whatnot.