2020 in a flash

January 01, 2021 — verbose

With 2020 ends support for Adobe Flash. With it I'd like to show an interesting flash movie that is worth your attention if you're into weird shit.

Future is Wonderful by MUSLIMUSIC (Linked is the Newgrounds link, for a download of the .swf go here.) It's a flash music video from 2006 which includes mesmerizing graphics and cryptic russian lyrics sung over a charming melody mixed with some metal. The lyrics are sung by a little girl with no skull whose brains are being sucked out by black snowmen creatures. Naturally. If you replay the movie multiple times the color pallet changes every time, just thought you should know.

That's all for now. Happy new year.

6 months, first day

June 01, 2020 — verbose

This is my first blog post. My only regret is not starting sooner. My website isn't close to done, but I didn't want to miss June 1st. I'm doing pretty well. I have my first pet plant, Peek, who is a philodendron. I've been taking care of my two rats and my new laptop, a 2010 macbook that I revived with the replacement of the RAM and operating system, and most importantly I've been taking care of myself. I don't have any real announcements, I don't have anything cool to show off, this is just an inaugural blog post.


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