starbound exists to build structures the likes of which fleshbound humans need years of poorly treated laborers to produce.

when herodotus toured egypt he noted how much the egyptians hated the pyramids for they represented years of brutal slave labor

virtual spaces mean we can produce works of imperial majesty for fun without concern for ecological or physical labor devastation, so let's do something worthy of the worst kind of intergalactic empire.


pick a planet

X: -151223669 Y: -976393310 Nashira Myriad I
a medium sized desert planet should do. if someone wants, it might be a friendly gesture to attempt to preserve any wildlife there, but this is a secondary goal.

survey the planet

You would take 10k blocks of wicker or whatever, lay them down while shift-walking 1 block thick. Check your inventory at the end. But it's probably exactly 5k potentially via brute force pixel counting, compute the width of the planet. while conceptually a starbound planet is round, it is rendered as a 2d grid of blocks. We need to know the number of blocks wide the planet is so we can build ziggurat's steps upward to the halfway point.

sTaRt DiGgInG

Excavation is the most time consuming part of ziggurat. So far a giant dirt/avianblock pyramid has been started, with a few blocks cleared. ~nilaky is replacing the pyramid's shell with avianblock. Help is still needed to excavate the planet surface above the ziggurat's walls. we need to clear all of the planet down to its core. In order to preserve materials, we can begin building upwards as soon as we hit the core (otherwise inventories will fill up with blocks that will just get destroyed).

important considerations during excavation:


construction can begin as soon as we reach the core has begun. it is assumed that excavation will continue under the edge of ziggurat.

~the zenith~

i am not sure how high starbound lets you build, so if we hit a limit before reaching half the width of the planet we will plateau for a horizontal distance until we can build back down with the halfway point at the center of our plateau. math. (~nilaky: I made it kinda small for now. Let's flesh this one downward, then build layers atop it.

the integral

what will go under ziggurat's crest? anything. dormitories, storage, crypts, puzzles, monsters, piles of debris. this is left to the community in an anarchonihilstic fashion. i almost wish our starbound characters could truly die, so our mausoleums could fill ziggurat's vast space. fluffalos are great too tho. (~nilaky: I have like 20 fluffalos of each species, I can relocate them ez)

finishing touches

cover this garbage in art; cover this art in garbage; cover this arbage with gart

when do we start?

ASAP. this project is fundamentally anarchistic as long as we follow the plan outlined above. IN THE PAAAST. join #starbound in local irc and get to it, friends.


Scroll to the bottom for updates. Use `date +"%F %T UTC"` to get a timestamp

2017-08-08 06:38:10 UTC ~vilmibm(?): so far 998+418-159+204+160+274+251-1+68+38+20+24+1074-5+133-76+703+103+74+144+677. this mean planet is 5,122 blocks wide. we've begun the dig to the core and will build diagonally upward for 2,561 blocks of width (math).

the current challenge is measuring as we go so we know when we have gone up for 2561 blocks.

2017-08-20 07:59:00 UTC ~nilaky: I took out the top few dozen layers of an avian temple, 30k+ blocks. I resurfaced the top bits of the ziggy with about 1k of it. I had the rest on me, but crashed the server (connected too long?)

2017-08-21 07:06:00 UTC ~nilaky: I took out the top few dozen layers of an avian temple in Single-Player cuz i bork the server yesterday I added a top layer (triangular, approx 24 high at highest? Avian theme with a Tomb Teleporter and ~30k blocks (Avian) I added a second layer (24 high) with Avian theme I added a third layer (24 high) with Apex theme