Fuck You

Yes! 11 entire years since the beginning of the tildas!
  It all began with a pirated modular moog vst; it took a while for anything
  noteworthy to be made (some would argue that hasnt happened), but year after
  year, we've continued to try to think of interesting ideas.

  This collection here is done in the spirit of that first exploration: total
  ignorance and ineptness.
  1. outdoors blues
  2. various voices
  3. i live alone
  4. in the country
  5. down the road
  6. im barely hanging onto life
  7. it is on
  8. salon
  9. she said she was in town visiting
  10. just sleeping
  11. chance to say ok
  12. looking at shadows on the floor
  13. getting paid
  14. other funk
  15. everything is music

physical copies!

the limited hole punch edition is
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