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[2019-03-12] Furture Activities

The following are my plans for the weeks ahead.

[2019-01-22] One-liner

I'm sure I spent a weekend once writing a perl script to download all of the mp3 files linked in an rss feed. Here's a one-liner which would have saved me the trouble:

% curl http://url/rss | \
grep -o '<enclosure url="[^"]*' | \
grep -o '[^"]*$' | xargs wget -c

[2019-01-14] The WELL: State of the World

One of the highlights of January for me is Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky and their traditional fortnight long discussion on what is happening in the world and where we might be heading. Find it here.

[2019-01-13] Instagram

I opened up Instagram yesterday for the first time since deleting the app from my phone about a month ago. So many nice and interesting people that I follow, I hadn't realised how much I'd missed, it was really tempting to install the app again. Then I found myself scrolling further and further down the page and realised it was never ending and remembered the amount of time I had been spending in the app and why I removed it in the first place.

[2019-01-12] Basic CSS: Contextual Selectors

Today I learned about contextual selectors in CSS. Two or more selectors separated with a space. They add specificity, for example, images which are contained inside paragraph tags:

p img {
    width: 100px;

[2019-01-11] Deep Space 9

Like a lot of people on the fediverse it seems, I've been watching DS9 recently. The last time I watched it was when it originally aired. I'm not sure I saw all of the later series though.

Some things I'm appreciating more this time around:

So far I've watched up to S2E11.

Festivus Project 2018

Over the holidays I turned my Raspberry Pi 3B into a headless server running:

I also bought a SanDisk Cruzer Blade 128 GB flash drive to store the torrent data but ran into problems with it on FreeBSD, basically the same as this thread, which was a bummer. I had to use another drive with ½ the capacity.

I've been using FreeBSD for this purpose for a few years on an old Thinkpad T60. I decided to switch to the Pi but keep FreeBSD as the OS because I love using the *BSD family of OSes. Nothing is ever simple for me and there were many obsticles to overcome but thankfully I had kept pretty good notes from my previous set up and search engines are nice.

My next project is to get Plex working on the Raspberry Pi. I'm also thinking about putting OpenBSD on the T60.