13 december 2017

the breath of the wild dlc came out and now that's sapping up my free time too aaa too many video games

recently i tried out mastodon, it's pretty cool but the interface kinda sucks

i never have enough to write in these posts and it makes me sad.


29 november 2017

haven't written here for a while. sorry bout that, i kinda just have gotten sidetracked since the end of summer and my free time has waned thanks to mario odyssey

this is still my favorite style of blogging though. something about working in a terminal is strangely fun.

apparently ttbp has gotten some updates but i havent noticed anything different thus far.

anyway i'll write another entry if i can think of another entry to write


19 september 2017

i need to commit myself more to botany, my plants keep dying :(


10 september 2017

hurricanes suck and holy crap why are there so many

hopefully my grandma who lives in florida will be ok

god, global warming sucks


31 august 2017

I can't imagine living in an area affected by the tropical storm Harvey. I hope that disaster relief efforts go well, and that people are able to recover from this awful tragedy.

This is a totally unrelated note, but I don't think it's a very good idea to name natural disasters after normal first names. I'd feel so awful right now if my first name was Harvey, or Katrina. Hopefully people don't end up having their first name be someone's PTSD trigger.


26 august 2017

I made a page that automatically regens itself every minute, each time creating 10 random thoughts using a random adjective, noun, verb, and adverb. The things it generates sound profound but mean nothing at all.



25 august 2017

Well, I was surprised to find out that people do read my feels! I ended up getting 2 messages after asking in my previous post for anyone that read it to send me a message. Anyway, it's the weekend, hooray. Feel like playing more video games and reading other people's feels. tilde.town is cool, I can't believe that I just now found it. It's a lot more than just free web hosting :P


24 august 2017

Hooray, I remembered to write another entry. Too bad I don't have anything interesting to write abut. I don't remember who made the botany thing on tilde.town, but I wanna thank them for that. It's relaxing to just come back there every day and water my seedling.

Like I said, my life is pretty boring. Dunno what to write about. If anyone actually reads this, send me a message on alpine. I don't know how it works yet so if I got a message to read I could try to figure it out. That's all for today, I guess. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll come up with something good to put on this blog.


23 august 2017

Hello there. I'm just testing out the tilde.town blogging thingy. It seems pretty cool so far. I have a more proper blog on my normal GitHub Pages site, but I barely update that because I need to recompile it with Hugo every single time. So I guess I might start blogging here. I never have the commitment to actually do projects like this, or keep them up after the first day, but I'll make an attempt to write stuff here every day after watering my botany garden. Anyway, the eclipse yesterday was cool. I was in the path of totality, and holy crap, you have to see it to believe it. I'm definetly going to be travelling to see the 2024 one. Anyway, that's all I can think to write about for now, hopefully I'll write something here again.