The Ydreniv Time


, by Ydreniv

PROJECT SPG is an art project I've begun a couple years ago, though I haven't produced a ton. The core concept is simple : using a lot of Gimp filters. Previously, when producing pictures in Gimp, I've relied on the pencil to create pixel-art stuff. As a challenge to myself, I decided to minimize my use of manual tools, and instead rely on Gimps filters and selection tools. I've still only brushed the outer edge of it.

As I wanted to publish something in the 6th issue of Tilde Town Zine, and faced with very short time, I've decided to create a new piece for this project. My original plan was very different, but a busy month ensured I didn't have time to complete it peacefully, so I put it on standby. Instead, I made the (currently redacted) TSS-001. I am unfortunately under very strict orders to not divulge any information about it yet.

However, there are still news that I can publish about this project : I've created a page on Tilde.Town to showcase the publicly available ones. Each art piece is sorted and put into precise categories. Moreover, they are all composed of a picture and some text. On my computer, they are all organized in a structured folder, with and the like. However, I've decided to put it all on a single page here. Indeed, I want to keep my work more manageable by having a "one page equals one topic". But there was still the question on how to display here, preferably with some cool CSS stuff, as I'm trying to do around here. Given the theme of PROJECT SPG, I've settled on a "green on black computer" aesthetic. And what better than to having a computer inside your computer ? So I created a greyish computer, had it display an overflowing block of contents, and the core of my concept was done. I've added some shadows and reflections on the screen, to better sell the effect. I'm pleased with the end result, although the outer computer is still a work in progress. I want to add a power button and some more texture. But the more important thing is that you may enjoy PROJECT SPG immediately, without having to wait for me to get this page in a more ready form.

In due time, TSS-001 will join its simblings. And from the few information I've got, we've never been closer to said time. I hope to make more in the future, and not only for the Zine.