The Ydreniv Time

What’s new between April and September 2023

, by Ydreniv

Here’s an update on my activity on the web. I haven’t been very active as I’ve focused more on other stuff.

I’ve started biking more, which is great. It means I do some sport, but more importantly, it means I have a reliable mean of transportation. I hope I can continue avoiding getting a driving license. I’m not convinced personal motorized means of transportation will remain for very long, so I prefer to be prepared to live without them. Biking is slower, but I can ride 100km a day without issue, which means it would take just two weeks top from any two points in France. Of course, two weeks is a worst case scenario. I could go see most of my friends or family in less than a week.

And I continue painting miniatures, which is nice. I feel like I’m improving. However, I’ve already purchased too many miniatures this year. I won’t buy any new ones, with some exceptions : if I find a cheap "Battle for the Skull Pass" box secondhand, the future Legions Imperialis box, and if something catches my eyes at the local gaming convention. Then next year, I won’t buy anything until I’ve painted some more, and then I would only get single miniatures.

Tilde Town

I haven’t done a lot around here. I was mostly away, but I’m coming back.


  • I’ve continued reading through the Horus Heresy series. I’ve written about Battle for the Abyss as well as read Mechanicum, though I won’t publish a review for it.
  • I’ve played my first solo game of Space Weirdos, Patrol on Kabenarah. It was quite fun, and I’ll continue this solo campaign !
  • I’ve finished painting the Penitents of Rausch. I’m very happy about my paint job there !

Computer stuff

  • I’ve done some more work on the selfhost wiki, notably finishing the instructions for running a Valheim server.
  • I’ve installed Calibre Web on my NAS. It was quite easy to do, although it’s weird it requires creating a metadata file beforehand, and I had messed up the permissions. Now I’ll be looking for an e-reader as mine broke a couple years ago.