The Ydreniv Time

What’s new in February 2023

, by Ydreniv

Tilde Town

Well, I have been pretty quiet there this month. I’ve been busy with other things, so it’s only a lack of time and energy. The only things I’ve done here is updating the Homepage and Ideas a little.


  • My Intercessor Kill Team has finally been introduced.
  • And their robotic foes, the Zhyvokh Dynasty too.
  • You can also see my Bloodmaster.
  • I have also painted a dozen of Necron Warriors. This means I now have a solid core of Necrons for my skirmish needs.
  • And I’m currently painting more Necrons.


I haven’t made any new articles on my music blog. I have not made any progress on my personal page revamp either. Yes, I’ve written these exact same sentences last month !