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1 Objectives [1/2]

  • [X] log active, passive, inactive and completed projects.
  • [ ] (for stalled projects): identify roadblocks and checkpoints to resume from (as footnotes).
  • estimate mortenila ratings for projects. [0/3]
    • [ ] make it more scientific.
    • [ ] does mortenila capture co-mortenila faithfully?
    • [ ] colour code values.

2 Activated

Table 1: Current status of activated projects
Project Status Last Active mortenila Description
essayDNA DONE [2018-08-05 Sun] LOW write, publish an essay on the directionality of DNA: DNA
i3bindings DONE [2018-08-06 Mon] LOW customizing/optimizing bindings between qutebrowser and i3.
RSShunt DONE [2018-07-24 Tue] MEDIUM solve the RSS reader question.miniflux!
labradoc DONE [2018-08-21 Tue] LOW export labradoc to Org/ asciidoc/Markdown, and publish: labradoc
redirect DONE [2018-08-20 Mon] LOW Bind a key to redirect DuckDuckGo search pages to Google.
htmlpublish DONE [2018-08-21 Tue] LOW engineer a good workflow for publishing logs to gopher / html
mido DONE [2018-09-10 Mon] LOW flash LineageOS on the phone.
lazarus PASSIVE [2018-08-13 Mon] MEDIUM systematic project status and health documentation.
emacs/org PASSIVE [2018-08-21 Tue] LOW learn/use spacemacs and org-mode.
hollerith PASSIVE [2018-09-02 Sun] LOW logging frequency and quality of online social interactions.
watson ACTIVE [2018-09-09 Sun] HIGH read James Watson's book on Molecular Biology.
prometheus INACTIVE 1 [2018-08-19 Sun] HIGH  
pointersOnC INACTIVE 2 [2018-08-17 Fri] MEDIUM work through Kenneth Reek's Pointers on C.
DNAseq INACTIVE [2018-08-02 Thu] MEDIUM coursera course using python for genomic analysis.
ThinkOS INACTIVE [2018-05-13 Sun] MEDIUM learn about the basics of Operating Systems from the ThinkOS book.
haskellBases INACTIVE [2018-07-28 Sat] HIGH program for generating all non-degenerate primers.
ASCIICHEM INACTIVE [2018-07-25 Wed] LOW drawing, manipulating biomolecules in ASCII.
buildLisp INACTIVE [2018-07-20 Fri] HIGH build your own Lisp using/learning C.
scheme48 INACTIVE [2017-12-04 Mon] HIGH learn Haskell by trying to build a Scheme.

3 Firehose

Table 2: The other Well-Intentioned Tohu-Bohu
Project Tag mortenila Description
latex prog HIGH learn LaTeX, TikZ or AUCTeX systematically; typeset something.
grep/sed prog HIGH learn grep/sed. Needed for google-redirect
prolog prog HIGH learn Prolog.
sicp prog HIGH read SICP, watch Lectures.
lisp prog HIGH read Little Schemer.
mathprog prog HIGH learn some mathematical software (Sage, Julia etc.)
gdb prog HIGH learn to use gdb.
emulator prog HIGH write Yourself An Emulator.
quine phil MEDIUM read some WVO Quine
tohubohu music LOW export playlist from Spotify.
lakatos math MEDIUM read Imre Lakatos' Proof and Refutations
QEDtao math HIGH QED: an interactive logic textbook written by Terry Tao
anki learn HIGH start using Anki to reinforce learning
TIS-100 fun LOW play Zachtronics' TIS-100 game. (:
TIC-80 fun MEDIUM create something with the TIC-80 (pick up Lua on the way)
sebald fun LOW The Rings of Saturn
nixOS comp HIGH install nixOS, on current system/netbook.
plantz comp LOW read Plantz's Introduction to Computer Organization.
i3lock comp LOW lock laptop on lid close.
arcturus comp LOW migrate old arcturus logs to the Gopherspace/self-host.
whyfortytwo comp LOW migrate (portions of) blog to the Gopherspace/self-host.
gopherpublish comp LOW setup workflow to publish to gopher.
sysbio bio MEDIUM MIT8.591JF14 – Systems Biology lecture videos
wobble bio MEDIUM learn about, write an article on wobble bases.
biobaez bio LOW 3 read Baez, re: his intrigues in biology.



only spent one night on it. it can easily be salvaged/restarted. (should I push this back to firehose?)


reached Ch 7. haven't completed exercises from Ch 5. I could just continue, on a passive read.


low mortenila because: the content is all over the place in terms of sophistication, is finite, and is often succinct. There does exist the bigger project of reading all his This Week's Finds. That is as high as it gets on the m-index/m-probability (ha!)

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