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welcome to's wiki!

the wiki houses our server-specific documentation, pages about various art projects, guides on linux, fiction, and other wonderful content.

how to use!

all users can edit this wiki. from your home directory, run:

wiki init

and follow the prompts. once it's done, you can edit the files, add new files, or create and populate new directories. check the changes you make with:

wiki preview

where YOU is your username.

when you are happy with your changes, run

wiki publish

sometimes, you might get conflicts with changes other people have made. for now, fall back on git commands to fix it. if this is unfamiliar to you, ask in IRC (via the chat command) or in the forum (via bbj) and someone will definitely help you.

to view wiki pages from the command line, run

wiki get editors/micro

to list the contents of the wiki, run

wiki get toc

as always on the town, folks are here to help each other. if you run into problems feel free to ask for help. and maybe document the answer on the wiki for the next person :D

this is an endorphial test

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have a good one~