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Around Tilde Town

Socializing on ~town

local mail

tilde.town's mail server cannot send outgoing mail or accept incoming mail; it's for contacting other users on the server internally only.

Current mail clients on the town are:


Join the chat with the chat command. Anyone can create a channel, or join an existing one:

For more information, see the IRC wiki!


View postcards

To contribute: share a link to an image on IRC with the text #fridaypostcard. Updated every Friday.


Join our internal forum with bbj and follow the instructions to set up an account!

blogging with feels

We have an internal command-line blogging platform. To use it, run: feels while logged in to tilde.town.

more info here

For your public_html/

tilde.town ring

View all ~ring members (tidier version)

Join the ~ring.

blog posts

feels can automatically post entries to your public_html; just enable publishing from the settings menu!


tildebook is tilde.town's unofficial user directory! To add your profile,

  1. simply create tildebook_profile.html in your public_html,
  2. make sure the web page has
    • a size of 144px by 144px, i.e., <body style="width:144px;height:144px">
    • overflow:hidden on <body>, i.e., <body style="width:144px;height:144px;overflow:hidden">,
    • links with target="_parent", i.e., <a target="_parent" href="https://example.com">, and
  3. run /home/login/cronjobs/update_tildebook to have it added in as an <iframe>.


gopher is a pre-web, text-only technology that uses a directory structure to navigate documents instead of hyperlinks. tilde.town's server can be found at gopher://tilde.town:70, and you can make your own gopherhole by creating public_gopher in your home directory. you'll need a gopher-compatible browser (try lynx gopher://tilde.town:70) to view gopher pages.

full guide

Games on tilde.town

The games have now their own pages for convenience.


If you notice anything else cool and useful around town, feel free to add it here!

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