Hey, I'm ~ac!

03 September 2021

Hey, it's been a while! Revisiting this page makes me realize how a cookie-cutter CSS framework and custom web font puts this just as good as something you'd host on WordPress or Ghost. But then again, static pages are kind of a thing again with SPAs popping up everywhere.

08 January 2020

I'm back, again! Changed the tilde ring to one that has an updated list by ~login. Considering I've been here for almost 5 years but is mostly lurking, maybe it's time for me to participate a bit more. (Just checked the "welcome" file in the home directory, which dates back to March 2015)

I'm assuming the servers are in the east coast (Digital Ocean, AFAIK) which means I could really feel the 300+ ms latency even while using Mosh.

04 Sep 2018

I'm back! Sort of.

26 Nov 2015

Welcome to my personal tilde page here in tilde town! Using bootstrap might be a bit of an overkill, but it does quickly make your site look pretty with minimal effort.

This made me think: is it necessary for html pages in tilde sites to look very minimal? Not that I think it's bad, but I haven't seen a page here in the box yet that uses a bit more of CSS and Javascript to make their pages look... a bit more modern.

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