29 april 2021

CSS defeats me.

Seriously, I just wanted a simple two column box layout, is that too much to ask for? :'(

In other news, I finally got around to rewriting the Fish().update method to be way more flexible. The whole different-area-of-movement-depending-on-fish-type is yet to be implemented, but it shouldn't be too bad...

I also had an idea to sort of "compile" fish type json into Python3, so that in code you can just call

a = Aquarium()
a += Fish(a, properties=Molly_Golden_Panda)

The compilation part works, but then I ran into the age old problem of implementing a solution without actually testing the idea, and it turned out to not work. I won't really be able to work much on coding in the coming weeks, so if I go dark that's probably why.