01 may 2021


If my calculations are correct, it has now officially been at least 4 minutes since my last post here. Apologies.

I spent my yesterday evening finishing up the dynamic module generator for fishtank.py. Its purpose is to create a python module containing Fish classes, that can be referred to from the code in a cleaner way. Previously, you'd have to construct your own FishProperties dict and pass it to the fish, now you can just pass fish_types.Molly.Golden_Panda to get that specific variation, and also random(fish_types.Molly) to get a random Molly type fish. It's pretty neat.

I also had a pretty cool idea for a future project, for a fully-customizable language parser. It will work by giving it {pattern: token}, and I want to make it so it can parse any language as long as you have the data to do so. This would be essential in teahaz codeblocks, and just otherwise as well.

Anyways, I had to spend today with studying for my finals :). My sleep didn't go too well, so it wasn't the most productive, but at least it was something. Tomorrow is going to be spent with studying history, and then the next week is just finals time!

Not sure when I can post next. Once I have a decent amount of time I'll finish my /music/ page and publish it. Music in general is really important to me, so I wanna give the page justice.

ok, bye.