04 may 2021

Hello there, Master Kenobi!

Sorry for no updates again, exams had me quite busy (still do). I haven't really done much worth mentioning, so this is kind of just a check-in.

I met all my classmates again on Monday, which was quite nice after not seeing eachother since November. Sucks that it will be one of the last times, but oh well.

I had my Mother-Tongue Literature and Maths exams already, and they went pretty well. They were quite easy, so we all assume the creators decided to go easy on us, after we couldn't really go to school for a year.

Still have my History exam left tomorrow, and after that it's only English and IT. The latter two I'm not too worried about, and we'll see what happens with History.

I might start rewriting my pytermgui module in the coming hours, so I guess I'll report on how that went next update.