Hey. I'm bit. I make stuff.

Poll system

Vote on the weekly poll by executing /home/bitbyte/app/poll/bin/poll. I'll update the poll around every week, mail me if I forget (sendmail bitbyte). Check back for new votes & polls. You can also add the executable to you PATH with PATH="$PATH:/home/bitbyte/app/poll/bin/.

Web filesystem

Access tilde.town's filesystem by prepending the path to http://tilde.town/~bitbyte/rootfs/. This document is located at http://tilde.town/~bitbyte/rootfs/home/bitbyte/public_html/index.html (and yes you can chain them so http://tilde.town/~bitbyte/rootfs/home/bitbyte/public_html/rootfs/home/bitbyte/public_html/rootfs/home/bitbyte/public_html/index.html is valid).