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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -73,12 +73,14 @@ Email your pull requests to over local mail! If you have req ## Bugs/Issues -Right now the automatic regeneration is pretty simpleminded so it's -probably best to do a full regen if you do anything more complicated than -just adding or editing a basic post. Needed improvements: +Right now the automatic regeneration is pretty simpleminded. It should work correctly on adds or deletes but in case you run into a tricky edge case you can always request a full regeneration. -* Regen as appropriate on deletion. -* Regen everything if the archive state changes (when adding a new month or deleting the only post in a given month. +Some improvements that would be nice: + +* Creating individual files per post so they can be linked independently. +* Appropriate meta tags to make the mobile display nicer +* Clearer ways of adding a user template +* Probably a lot of other stuff! ## License