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Cleric + Thief



This is a fantasy story about a cleric and a thief embroiled in a web of politics, intrigue, religion, and justice.

It is kind of a serialized novelization of a solo roleplaying game I’m playing using Brighter Worlds and the One Page Solo Engine.


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Iofi (she/her)

“How do we know what is good?”

A scholar cleric questioning what is right.

tags: white blue structure order reason group order knowledge peace perfection

Spoilers: Character Sheet


When you attempt to make something true by speaking with the words of your god, you risk the universe rejecting your statement.

Adjust your Domain Die based on your intended outcome. If the Die would step below a d4 the statement is impossible, if it would step above a d12 it happens without a roll. Otherwise, roll it as a normal Save:

Domain Die loss is restored through offerings or religious rites for your God.

Step down your Domain Die if the statement:

Step up your Domain Die if the statement:


  1. GEMINI: Your god has a second Domain, complementary in some way to the first.

  2. OFFERINGS: Make offerings to step up the Domain Die. Minor offerings last for a single statement, significant ones last for a day, and major offerings like establishing a church and congregation last indefinitely.


Maddox (they/them)

“How do I get what I want?”

A sneaky bastard who always gets what he wants.

tags: black red independence chaos emotion individual ruthlesness action satisfaction freedom

Spoilers: Character Sheet


Illusory Self: Create a number of illusory clones up to the number of advanced abilities you have. Your clones are insubstantial and intangible but are otherwise indistinguishable from your real self. You do not have to declare which of you is real until it matters, and you share the senses of all clones simultaneously. When attacking with clones if you would deal Direct Damage you must either declare the clone is actually you or reveal it as an illusion.


  1. SNAP: Recall your clone to yourself, or yourself to your clone from any distance. Anyone touching you while you do so is carried along.

  2. MULTIFARIOUS COPIES: When you create your clone you may change its physical appearance.


The world of Aulia is divided into the western continent, the eastern continent, and the middle continent.

Our story takes in the city of Kriteach, a key port in the middle continent, part of the Kingdom of Sahtor’larath, whose monarch rules in the east.