Updated at:
2023-01-29 01:30:03.668136


In the local ~town IRC there is a bot called linkbot that finds URLs and image URLs and outputs them here.

You are automatically opted out of your links being shared. If you want to opt in so all links you post are shared, you can add an empty .linkbot file to your home directory. If the bot finds a link you posted and you have this dotfile, your link will be added. You can still opt a specific link out by starting your message with !nolinkbot, !nolink, or !nolb. If you are not opted in, you can still add a link explicitly by starting your message with !linkbot, !link, or !lb.

These pages are updated every 15 minutes.


!linkbot / !link / !lb Will add any links in the message, regardless of if you are opted out or not.
!nolinkbot / !nolink / !nolb Stops links from being shared, even if you are opted in.


#share [links]
#tildetown [links] [youtube] [images]