18 july 2019

each and every time i log in here i wish i logged in more, everyone is so nice. i am mostly off other social media at the moment so maybe this would be a nice place to be more often.

21 october 2018

how do people interact with things posted to feels? is there an etiquette? is it more for calling into the void?

18 october 2018

it's weird.

this is a very personal but very impersonal plaform at the same time; it feels so intimate as a community but i don't know anyone.

my relationship of six years ended 48 hours ago and my brain can't process it. it feels wrong, it feels like a mistake.

i seem to have got stuck in a timeline that got cut short but my brain won't accept it. i've never felt so spaced.

weird weird weird

29 september 2018

I joined tilde a long time ago and then kind of...stopped logging in. I'm not sure why.

Maybe I'm back? Maybe I miss it? Maybe I'm using it again? I hope so.