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my tildetown experience day 0 as byte said, arrays start at 0


i received my welcome email and attempted to login and got hit with a permission denied error because i forgot to save my private key (that should be a crime). once i e-mailed my new public key and saved my new private key, i was ready to log in. using cmder on windows, i took my first step into tildetown.

so now, i'm in. i start chatting in the IRC chat and make this page in school because why not. now that i'm here, i better make a damn good imperssion of myself amirite?

(tl;dr i'm funey, i didn't save my private key the first time and i made this page in school)

my tildetown experience day uhh... 702?! idk by the request of bredo and mckinley of /r/iPod


you know how i said i wouldn't lose my private key again, well i fucking did it again. i've been through multiple machines since i last logged into tildetown (Feb 2019). not a lot has changed, i should say.

i now moderate for /r/iPod, as well as write bots in JS and shit (xLinka, you can shoot me dead for using JS now). day 703 of tildetown will probably involve sleeping, crisp-munching and soft drink chugging - the monotonous life of me since the "human malware" showed up to wreak havok

well, i'm probably going to die for like another year or two and make a blog post similar to this one again - cya.

my tildetown experience day... 1133 i think


guess who lost their private key again??? this gal!!! thankfully i found it in a old-ass "backup" cause i uploaded it to an old discord account.

nothing much has changed over the past year except some gender stuff, and I do stuff for Action Retro now. he runs a minecraft server called ActionMC and me and a few others created a website and added authentication stuff. you can find the website for the server here.

through my experience with ActionMC i've learned that JavaScript fucking sucks and now i code exclusively in golang. for minecraft plugins i need to obviously use java.

i still moderate for /r/iPod, but not all the time - i'm kinda falling behind with moderation because of college and other committments but i still chat there occasionally.

as is my traditional fashion, i'm going to die for yet another year. c'yall in 2022! (that is, if we make it to 2022)