19 april 2021

today i learned nothing on twitter for 2 hours. logging out for the next two days.

i did find this piece on minari and its portrayal of fractured immigrant families which really resonated with me: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/16/movies/minari-korean-americans.html

in the morning i had a discussion about women in the biblical family unit and then in the afternoon i watched an esther perel ted talk on desire vs love... such different perspectives. it seems the central difference between the two views is the sense of self; do you willingly relinquish part of yourself and become "one flesh" / unit once you commit to a long-term partnership / marriage, as the bible suggests? or do you keep your whole self independent, which maintains the distance/mystery/novelty that lends itself to eroticism? put plainly, as perel recognizes, love is self-sacrificing but desire requires some degree of selfishness.