20 april 2021

today i learned that the usa today crossword puzzle probably has the most diverse clues: https://pudding.cool/2020/11/crossword/ in terms of gender and race

today i learned that snoop dogg went back to being snoop dogg (and i also learned of his other names besides snoop lion: snoop doggy dogg, snoopzilla, bigg snoop dogg, nemo hoes, among others)

today i learned from another townie (thanks joy!):

  • in potato batteries (batteries often used in kids' science projects where there's a potato, zinc on one side, and copper on the other), the energy comes from the metals rather than the potato.
  • the potato just acts as an electrolyte bridge between the metals so their ions can react to create an electric potential. as they react the metals oxidize and degrade and the the battery becomes less effective.
  • salt water would work just as well as a potato, if not better, since salt water doesn't rot like a potato would...