Don't expect well written entries. I use this as a "personal diary", it simply happens that I keep it public.

18 september 2021

Today I was on a vc on discord with some of the students from my department, and while talking about various things one of them told me he realized that I don't show my social skills to others. He described me as an intelligent person with good social skills that tries to not show too much of myself, and pointed out that everyone else knew very little about me. I do admit I tend to not open up with someone if it's in a big group, and I'm not talking about the group as a social circle. I mean that if we're having a conversation and it is within a big group, it's unlikely that I'm gonna open up. If you want to get to know me it has to be 1 on 1, or at least in a group with a restricted number of people, further more, I'm not gonna be the one to open up first. I guess I do have a lot of social barricades that I raise up... That guy was drunk tho, maybe he was just blabbering nonsense.

Also, on the 27th I have an exam and I don't feel like I'm prepared at all. I'm thinking of not doing the exam this session and do it in January.