Don't expect well written entries. I use this as a "personal diary", it simply happens to be public.

21 august 2022

Yesterday I went bungee jumping. It was an amazing experience, the location was the Stockhorn lake, jumped from a gondola hanging over the lake. On the first rebound I tried doing a spiderman pose, but on the way down the rope hit my foot, I thought I was about to lose a shoe there.

After the jump when we returned there was a free beer (as is costumary with these sort of activities). When it was time to go back the gondola that was supposed to bring us back down to valley had technical difficulties, so we were stuck in the mountains for a while. Up there there was a restaurant that was close. Since it started becoming pretty late the bungee jump guys decided to open up the restaurant so that we could eat something (don't worry, apparently there was someone that worked there at the restaurant with us, we didn't just break in lol). The whole experience was surreal, really liked the whole "we're in this together" kinda vibe. Whipped out the cards and started playing.

By the time we got back to valley it was 11:30PM.