Don't expect well written entries. I use this as a "personal diary", it simply happens to be public.

13 november 2022

This saturday I tried some pills to help me study. It was modafinil. It isn't anything heavy and the effects aren't that much better than coffee tbh (atleast, it doesn't on me), but that's fine, it was my first time trying pills for "doping". I really wish my contact could get me some addreall (at a reasonable price), that would actually help me alot more. My contact gave me some xanax as well and for free, didn't try it yet and I think I won't for a while. They're there tho, just in case I change my mind.

On another note, this friday I was at a party that rev.ng threw (it is a company that's making a decompiler), I was invited because most of the guys at rev.ng are from POuL (Politecnico Open unix Labs), which I am part of and they invited all the members. I really had a good time, got to know some of the older members that I knew only through IRC (yes I'm one of those that still use it, insert relevant xkcd meme here). On my fedi account I posted a picture of the cake if you're curious, but the moscato that they bought was the real impressive thing.

Anyway, not much progress with my twelf interpreter (the fact that I never took a serious course about grammars doesn't help), but to view it from a different angle and with the hope that I'll have some inspiration, I'm doing the same thing, and interpreter for twelf, in OCaml.

I also met this girl at the study room in my department that is a really good painter. We talked a bunch (instead of studying like I should have) about paintings and drawings. I even wanted to commission something but she doesn't draw faces too well so she was hesitant. Instead I offered to buy some of her paintings if she has to get rid of some (apparently she's only allowed to put the paintings on the walls of her own room despite them being so cool, she said her mum doesn't like her painting style).