Don't expect well written entries. I use this as a "personal diary", it simply happens to be public.

24 march 2023

Yesterday I went with some friends at a bar called Art Mall Milano. It's a bar in which there are various paintings on the walls, all of these paintings are up for purchase, so it is pretty much like an art gallery with a bar. Usually there's also some live music as well, this bar is supposed to be a way to advertise artists.

The evening went pretty well, when we got there it was pretty empty (I believe the only ones there were the musicians that were going to perform), but by 9PM a lot of people started showing up. The entrance fee was 15€ which included 1 drink the buffet and the wardrobe service for the jackets, or 20€ if you wanted 2 drinks. Drinks by themselves were 10€ each (pretty expensive but I do understand the pricing considering the location).

Among the various paintings, in my price range, I really liked "Passeggiata" by Deirdre Angela Gillies which goes for 120€.

I also really liked "Reflections" by Eclipse_Graphic_Art but this one goes for 300€.

If you're ever in Milan I recommend checking out this place, you won't regret it.