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31 march 2023

After watching Serial Experiments Lain I still don't understand why everyone on the spectrum likes this show. Since I don't want to rewrite what I think about it I'll just copy-paste what I wrote on fedi.

It doesn't really matter what does make sense and what doesn't, since they don't explain a whole lot of what happened before episode one (how Lain came into existence) or how the Wired is able to affect the real world. What it's more important in this series are the questions that she asks herself after learning what she is not, questioning what she is and what it means to be. « "History" is an umbrella term comprising past events as well as the memory, discovery, collection, organization, presentation, and interpretation of these events. » If no one remembers us, if we leave nothing behind after our death, did we really exist? If in a forest a tree falls and no one is there to hear the sound it makes, did it really make a sound? Reality is limited to what we're able to perceive, to a person that has been blind since birth colors don't exist, I'm pretty sure they don't even comprehend the concept of colors. Is this why many people what to leave a legacy behind? Is it to validate their existence? For how many generations does the average person exist?

That's all, hopefully people don't get all existential after reading this (I'd be concerned if anyone over the age of 16 did, you should've asked these questions a while ago).

P.s. sorry to those who are reading this in plain text. Because of how I wrote the CSS for my ttbp page I had to put some HTML tags that shouldn't really be there. It looks very hacky and it's really horrible.