Looks like we're famous in Germany ;-)

Check it out: "Der heißeste Design-Trend im Netz"

Updates turned off

Don't get me wrong, this was fun. I've learned a lot about linux, html, css, about the command line, ssh tunnels, scp, and a ton of other stuff. It feels though like I was never online often enough, and in particular I never hung out in the IRC channel for very long. So I wasn't really part of that small community that has (by all appearances) formed here. It's been a ton of fun and I'm sure I'll log on here again from time to time, but all good things come to an end and I'll conserve CPU cycles for the rest of the tilde.townies by turning off my cron jobs. Cel will forever have the last word on IRC, and it's fittingly incomprehensible. I have taken what I learned here and am in the process of setting up a webserver for my BF's small business. Nicely from scratch. Have fun, boys and girls!

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The webring has really taken off! Joining instructions are here. Todo: take a look at the code on the github repository.

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Over at retronet, qqwy has made a search engine that searches across the tildeverse!

Tilde.town logo

Inspired by ~um's usenet post, and after suggestions from ~karlen, I made this. And here is shanx' version.

Just before usenet went down because we ran out of disk space on the server (DON'T PANIC, I'm sure it'll get fixed, and take a look if you've got any huge files in your home directory), ~aisthemata posted a much better version.

Also really cool: ~nossidge's version.

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