24 january 2022

I pretty much studied golang all day lol

so I went to a doctor to discuss some of my eating habits, and starting this week I'll try to change some stuff...

for lunch we had some nice steak and some refreshing salad, it was really good

for tea (as in, the afternoon meal) I had something vastly different from what I'd usually do: I made some fruit salad; unfortunately it wasn't such a great combination it was like 2 apples, a banana and some strawberry. but I mean, it's fruit so of course it was good

for dinner I pretty much ate the leftovers, and that was it lol

I don't plan on like recording my struggle to adopt new eating habits on this platform, but sometimes it'll happen I guess

anyway I also spent quite some time with my SO, which always makes me happy :)

and that's it folks, see ya soon~