27 january 2022

so today I had my first experience as a main teacher

to clarify: my company differentiates 'main' teachers from 'auxiliary' teachers, in the sense that the main teacher gives the lecture, talks about the theory and solves exercises with the class and the auxiliary answer some questions, checks attendance, and sometimes solves an exercise or two

anyway, today the topic was functions. I wrote all the material back on monday, and the teacher gave me the green light. so I felt pretty confident in general, and since I have some experience talking in public I wasn't too worried.

and the class itself went pretty well! the students liked the subject and told me they got most of it, so I felt mostly satisfied.

things I noticed:

in the end of the class I told them it was my first time lecturing as a main teacher, and all of them praised me a lot for the class :) I felt really happy, it was just so awesome to hear

but anyway it was a good class. I hope the next ones are as good

see ya soon :)