28 january 2022

today's one of those days

I'm not feeling well emotionally, and even though I'm being able to push myself to study some Go I'm still not feeling well

I have some exams coming up, 'recovery' exams in a loose translation; basically my final grades were not high enough for me to be approved, but they weren't low enough for me to fail the course (as in Physics, for example) completely

so they let me do an additional exam, a 'recovery' exam, to see if I'm qualified for at least be approved with the minimum possible grade

and I haven't studied at all for any of my two recovery exams as of yet; I don't feel motivated to do so, and I haven't been able to push myself to do so. it's just so much easier to just let it happen and attend to the course again in the next semester. I just don't want the responsibility right now.

anyway my mood's been pretty gloomy in general, and I hope I feel better tomorrow

at least I was able to do some cleaning on the house, and later today I'll be working again. so maybe that makes me feel better.

since timezones are weird, my next feels entry will be marked as if it were written tomorrow, but for me it's still the same day.

anyways, see ya soon (hopefully feeling better)